Raised In Meat: EVERYTHING!!!

ALL recordings of RAISED IN MEAT (1993-1997) have been uploaded to http://raisedinmeat.bandcamp.com/ for streaming or download. Downloads are FREE until the end of January!

Included are:
* Bloody Treats
* Somebody Kill Us!
* Count Specula / Incoherency '95
* Remember Us In Your Will
* Unreleased 7"EP
* Labour Of Hate
* Various tracks for compilations.

All tracks are from the original master tapes with NO EQing/brickwalling/tampering.

Artwork is also included.



  1. Always enjoyed these guys since hearing them on a comp tape 12 or so years ago. Thanks for this!

  2. This is AWESOME! Raised in Meat was one of my faves back in the day. When I first got into "noise". I remember hearing about all the Japanese greats but by the time I actually got around to listening to them I thought "what fucking garbage, it's just static, RIM does it fucking right".
    Been thinking recently I wished I still had some of those old tapes, and I might... I have a lot of shit from back then packed away. This rules.