The Magical World Of Scookers J. McGilleheny!!!

Scookers (everything but teh bass) & I (teh bass) recorded this at WMTU studio in early '03, March I think. Lotsa crazy guitar layering happening here, 7-string I think. In April he made up some CDr's of this to sell at Crushathon II.

I'll put up photographs of the cover art soon so check this post for updates. For now I'll let the musick do the talking & leave you with the above pic.

He later shredded axe for Militionary, a killer local thrash band that reigned here for a couple years. I recorded several of their gigs & a (unreleased) demo during that time. Quite an era then. Maybe more on that later.

1. The Cervical Wrecking Ball
2. Suicide Really Hurts
plus.... eh, you'll hear it...