2013-01-29: News

Well folks, due to my MediaFire account being hit earlier today with four different "Account Received Strike" notices I've elected to take most everything down.

Maybe someday I'll throw up a new blog or something, but for now that fun is over & I've had other matters to focus on more these past couple years, mainly covered by my other blog, JvSs / Rebarbative, which you're all welcome to follow.

Last, I just want to say "Thanks" to all who've supported YDBH.



Raised In Meat: EVERYTHING!!!

ALL recordings of RAISED IN MEAT (1993-1997) have been uploaded to http://raisedinmeat.bandcamp.com/ for streaming or download. Downloads are FREE until the end of January!

Included are:
* Bloody Treats
* Somebody Kill Us!
* Count Specula / Incoherency '95
* Remember Us In Your Will
* Unreleased 7"EP
* Labour Of Hate
* Various tracks for compilations.

All tracks are from the original master tapes with NO EQing/brickwalling/tampering.

Artwork is also included.



Dead To Earth: DTE 2004-2007

DEAD TO EARTH: 2004-2007

I. Weltschmerz I (demo version '04) 12:59
II. Weltschmerz II (demo version '04) 11:39
III. Weltschmerz I (Full Band Rehearsal #4, 2006-07-22) 12:36
IV. Weltschmerz II (Full Band Rehearsal #4, 2006-07-22) 10:37
V. Land Of No Hope (solo demo for band, 2007-02-04) 8:35
VI. WE11 demo (solo demo, instrumental mix, 2007-02-23) 3:41
VII. Untitled (solo demo, instrumental mix, 2007-02-22) 8:21

Total Running Time: 68:28


Tracks I-II are the DTE "Weltschmerz" self-demo, recorded during the first half of 2004. Promo CDr's of this were distributed during the next couple months, during which, a 3-way split CD was released by Graveless Slumber Records containing earlier material.

Part I was subtitled "Hence... Your Fear", & Part II "...And The Summer Would Never Be Again..."

Some time after this I got sick of being a "one-man Metal band", and hung DTE up... until around June '06 when I found musicians interested in playing music I'd written (for once). These guys played great & learned fast, & had played in other local bands such as Militionary, Scheisskrieg & The Asian Youth.

The lineup: Osh Johnson (drums), Kyle Hauswirth & Ryan Anderson (guitars), & myself on bass & vocal. I figured the two songs to be good for "testing the waters", and in July rehearsals began.

Tracks III-IV are from our 4th rehearsal, 22 July 2006.

Plans were underway for a full-length album & maybe a couple gigs, but it wasn't even a month before I found myself beset with some serious medical & legal problems....

During February 2007 I demo'd some new (except for the "Land Of No Hope" lyrics which were written around Late-'98) songs for the band to learn while I was away.

These are tracks V-VII.

In May '07 I was able to move back up here, but the other bandmembers were extremely busy wrapping up their last year at MTU, so the lineup dissolved. I was never able to find anyone else interested in playing this music & I didn't want to go back to just doing DTE myself, so the project has been dead since.

These tracks are DTE at its most developed stages.


Lineup on tracks #3 & 4:
James von Springspinnen: Bass + Vocal.
Kyle Hauswirth: Guitar.
Ryan Anderson: Guitar.
Osh Johnson: Drums.

Listen or download at http://jvss.bandcamp.com/album/dte-2004-2007