Il Ragno - Live 2010-10-29 @ The Orpheum, Hancock, MI

First post in awhile (This fall was somewhat distracting) - This time something more recent from me again, but not the usual "getting silly" mode, more like "shutting up 'n' playing guitar" mode (Thanks FZ).

A little background on this:

The Orpheum was formerly the Pic Theatre.  Studio Pizza inhabits the front of the building.

This night was a live music night, w/ an "open mic" hour or two preceding the 3 or 4 original bands scheduled.  Quite a few people showed up for this, and being Halloween weekend some were in costume.  Far as I can tell a good time was had by all.

I'd brought my Epiphone Les Paul and took a short slot to whip out a one-guitar instrumental version of something I wrote back in '03.  I seldom ever play out, so I made sure to tape this.  The recorder was an ancient beat-up Sony pocket cassette-corder placed on a chair between the crowd and the stage.  There's a mistake somewhere during the song but here it is anyway (in glorious mono), warts and all...

For MP3 format: http://www.mediafire.com/?0s3jg0j55wrg1v5

For lossless FLAC format: http://www.mediafire.com/?9c691q3marvapbp

Both files are properly tagged.  Running time = 9:07.

(Two other versions exist of this song, both containing vocals - a self-made "home studio" demo finished in '04 and one with a full band in rehearsal '06.  I might post these later if I detect enough interest.)