Dead To Earth: DTE 2004-2007

DEAD TO EARTH: 2004-2007

I. Weltschmerz I (demo version '04) 12:59
II. Weltschmerz II (demo version '04) 11:39
III. Weltschmerz I (Full Band Rehearsal #4, 2006-07-22) 12:36
IV. Weltschmerz II (Full Band Rehearsal #4, 2006-07-22) 10:37
V. Land Of No Hope (solo demo for band, 2007-02-04) 8:35
VI. WE11 demo (solo demo, instrumental mix, 2007-02-23) 3:41
VII. Untitled (solo demo, instrumental mix, 2007-02-22) 8:21

Total Running Time: 68:28


Tracks I-II are the DTE "Weltschmerz" self-demo, recorded during the first half of 2004. Promo CDr's of this were distributed during the next couple months, during which, a 3-way split CD was released by Graveless Slumber Records containing earlier material.

Part I was subtitled "Hence... Your Fear", & Part II "...And The Summer Would Never Be Again..."

Some time after this I got sick of being a "one-man Metal band", and hung DTE up... until around June '06 when I found musicians interested in playing music I'd written (for once). These guys played great & learned fast, & had played in other local bands such as Militionary, Scheisskrieg & The Asian Youth.

The lineup: Osh Johnson (drums), Kyle Hauswirth & Ryan Anderson (guitars), & myself on bass & vocal. I figured the two songs to be good for "testing the waters", and in July rehearsals began.

Tracks III-IV are from our 4th rehearsal, 22 July 2006.

Plans were underway for a full-length album & maybe a couple gigs, but it wasn't even a month before I found myself beset with some serious medical & legal problems....

During February 2007 I demo'd some new (except for the "Land Of No Hope" lyrics which were written around Late-'98) songs for the band to learn while I was away.

These are tracks V-VII.

In May '07 I was able to move back up here, but the other bandmembers were extremely busy wrapping up their last year at MTU, so the lineup dissolved. I was never able to find anyone else interested in playing this music & I didn't want to go back to just doing DTE myself, so the project has been dead since.

These tracks are DTE at its most developed stages.


Lineup on tracks #3 & 4:
James von Springspinnen: Bass + Vocal.
Kyle Hauswirth: Guitar.
Ryan Anderson: Guitar.
Osh Johnson: Drums.

Listen or download at http://jvss.bandcamp.com/album/dte-2004-2007